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Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie

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Wintersemester 2017/2018

Datum Sprecher Universität Vortrag
09.10.2017 Nina Lebedeva WWU Münster On optimal transport continuity property
16.10.2017 Julian Scheuer Universität Freiburg Harnack inequalities for evolving hypersurfaces
23.10.2017 Huy Nguyen Queen Mary University London Singularity formation in high codimension mean curvature flow
30.10.2017 Daniele Valtorta Universität Zürich Singularities foe Q-valued Dirichlet minimizing functions
06.11.2017 Bogdan Georgiev Universität Bonn tba
13.11.2017 Fernando Galaz Garcia KIT tba
27.11.2017 Martin Kell Tübingen tba
04.12.2017 Luigi Vezzoni Turin tba
11.12.2017 Tobias Lamm KIT tba
15.01.2018 Mark Walsh Maynooth tba

Sommersemester 2017

Datum Sprecher Universität Vortrag
24.04.2017 Jonas Beyrer Zürich Cross ratio on the Furstenberg boundary
08.05.2017 Lorenz Schwachhöfer Dortmund Parametrized measure models
15.05.2017 Michael Wiemeler Augsburg On moduli spaces of invariant metrics of positive scalar curvature on quasitoric manifolds
22.05.2017 Luis Guijarro Madrid tba
29.05.2017 Gerhard Knieper Bochum Geodesic flows on closed surfaces with zero topological entropy
12.06.2017 Roger Bielawski Hannover Complete hyperkaehler metrics on transverse schemes of points
19.06.2017 Marco Radeschi Notre Dame Index of minimal hypersurfaces in compact symmetric spaces
26.06.2017 Julian Scheuer Freiburg Harnack inequalities for evolving hypersurfaces
10.07.2017 Vicente Cortés Hamburg Quaternionic Kähler manifolds of co- homogeneity one
17.07.2017 Emilio Lauret Córdoba Spectral uniqueness of bi-invariant metric on compact Lie groups

Wintersemester 2016/2017

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
17.10.2016 Oliver Schnürer Konstanz Mean curvature flow without singularities
24.10.2016 Alix Deruelle Jussieu Expanding Ricci solitons coming out of metric cones
31.10.2016 Felix Schulze London Ricci flow from spaces with isolated conical singularities
07.11.2016 Ilaria Mondello Paris An Obata-Lichnerowicz theorem for stratified spaces
14.11.2016 Eleonora Di Nezza London The space of Kähler metrics on singular varieties
21.11.2016 Stephan Stadler München A Fary-Milnor theorem for CAT(0) spaces
28.11.2016 Iskander Taymanov Novosibirsk On high-dimensional generalizations of Seifert fibrations
05.12.2016 Mihaela Pilca Regensburg On the number of Kähler metrics in a conformal class
12.12.2016 David Gonzalez Madrid Nonnegative curvature on stable bundles over homogeneous spaces
21.12.2016 Marco Radeschi Münster tba
09.01.2017 Oliver Goertsches Marburg GKM manifolds and curvature
16.01.2017 Andrea Mondino Warwick Isoperimetric inequalities in non-smooth spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
30.01.2017 Burkhard Wilking Münster The topology of fixed point sets of tory in positively curved manifolds
02.02.2017 Uwe Abresch Bochum On the uniformization of holomorphic/algebraic curves
06.02.2017 Werner Ballmann Bonn Small eigenvalues and analytic systole of surfaces

Sommersemester 2016

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
11.04.2016 Peter Quast Universität Augsburg Gamma-structures on symmetric spaces
18.04.2016 Ioan Marcut Universiteit Nijmegen Rigidity of solutions to PDE's with a symmetries
25.04.2016 Hartmut Weiß Universität Kiel On a conjecture of Gaiotto, Moore and Neitzke
02.05.2016 Anand Dessai Université de Fribourg Moduli spaces of metrics of nonnegative sectional curvature
09.05.2016 Gudlaugur Thorbergsson Universität Köln Klassische symmetrische Räume
23.05.2016 Krishnan Shankar University of Oklahoma New metrics of non-negative sectional curvature on a family of 2-connected, 7-manifolds
30.05.2016 Martin Herrmann Münster Almost Nonnegative Curvature Operator
13.06.2016 Christian Lange Universität Köln Metrics on 2-orbifolds all of whose geodesics are closed
20.06.2016 Reinier Storm Universität Marburg A new construction of naturally reductive spaces
27.06.2016 Wolfgang Ziller Upenn On the Nomizu conjecture and graph manifolds
04.07.2016 Renato Bettiol Upenn Bifurcation theory in geometry

Wintersemester 2015--2016

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
19.10.2015 Anton Petrunin Penn State Metric minimizing surfaces revisited
26.10.2015 Daniel Ketover Imperial College Min-max theory in geometry and topology
02.11.2015 Mark Haskins Imperial College Exotic nearly Kaehler structures on the 6-sphere and the product of two 3-spheres and new G_2 holonomy cones
09.11.2015 Alessandro Carlotto ETH Zürich The finiteness problem for minimal surfaces of bounded index in a 3-manifold
16.11.2015 Yevgeny Liokumovich Imperial College Volumes of minimal hypersurfaces and a new systolic inequality
23.11.2015 Olaf Müller Universität Regensburg Conformal classes, geometric bounds and the Yamabe flow
30.11.2015 Giovanni Catino Politecnico Milano Some classification results for gradient Ricci solitons
07.12.2015 Lucas Ambrozio Imperial College Static space-times and Einstein manifolds with isometric polar U(1)-actions
14.12.2015 Alberto Abbondandolo Ruhr-Universität Bochum Systolic inequalities and Reeb dynamics
11.01.2016 Hans-Bert Rademacher Universität Leipzig Resonance for loop homology of spheres
18.01.2016 Sebastian Goette Universität Freiburg Morse theory for families
25.01.2016 Johannes Nordström University of Bath Disconnecting the G_2 moduli space
01.02.2016 Carlo Mantegazza Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Evolution by curvature of networks in the plane

Sommersemester 2015

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
13.04.2015 Lu Wang Imperial College London A Sharp Lower Bound for the Entropy of Closed Hypersurfaces
20.04.2015 Lorenz Schwachhöfer Universität Dortmund Lagrangian submanifolds of nearly-Kähler manifolds
27.04.2015 Tobias Lamm KIT Harmonic and $\alpha$-harmonic maps between spheres
04.05.2015 Elmar Schrohe Universität Hannover Fourier Integral Operators on Manifolds with Boundary and the Atiyah-Weinstein Index Theorem
11.02.2015 Fernando Galaz Garcia KIT On cohomogeneity one topological manifolds
18.05.2015 Alexander Lytchak Universität zu Köln Classical Plateau-Problem in non-classical spaces
01.06.2015 Reto Müller Queen Mary University London The Chern-Gauss-Bonnet formula for singular non-compact four-dimensional manifolds
08.06.2015 Marco Radeschi WWU Münster Metrics on spheres all of whose geodesics are closed
15.06.2015 Werner Müller Universität Bonn Analytic torsion and L^2-torsion of locally symmetric spaces
22.06.2015 Jan Schröder Ruhr-Universität Bochum Ergodic components and topological entropy in geodesic flows of surfaces
06.07.2015 George Marinescu Universität zu Köln Optimal convergence speed of Bergman metrics on symplectic manifolds
13.07.2015 Miles Simon Universität Magdeburg Some integral curvature estimates for four dimensional Ricci flows and some consequences thereof

Wintersemester 2014/2015

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
06.10.2014 Ramiro Lafuente Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Homogeneous Ricci Solitons
13.10.2014 Ricardo Mendes WWU Münster Strongly positive and nonnegative curvature
20.10.2014 John Harvey WWU Münster Equivariant stability of Alexandrov spaces
27.10.2014 Boris Vertman WWU Münster Analytic torsion on singular and non-compact Riemannian manifolds
03.11.2014 Christian Bär Universität Potsdam The characteristic Cauchy problem for wave equations on manifolds
10.11.2014 Norbert Peyerimhoff University of Durham New results about asymptotic harmonic manifolds
17.11.2014 Bernhard Leeb Universität München Discrete group actions on symmetric spaces
24.11.2014 Andreas Bernig Universität Frankfurt Integral geometry of the complex projective space
01.12.2014 Panagiotis Gianniotis University College London Boundary estimates for the Ricci flow
08.12.2014 Ben Sharp Imperial College London A compactness theorem for minimal hypersurfaces with bounded index
15.12.2014 Lynn Heller Universität Tübingen Abelianization of Fuchsian Systems and its Application to Surface Theory
12.01.2015 Luigi Verdiani Universitá di Firenze On the smoothness of cohomogeneity one invariant metrics
19.01.2015 Anda Degeratu Freiburg The Calabi conjecture for quasi- asymptotically conical (QAC) geometries
26.01.2015 Matthias Lesch Bonn Spektralgeometrie des nichtkommutativen Torus
02.02.2015 Haomin Wen University of Pennsylvania Scattering rigidity, lens rigidity and knot theory

Sommersemester 2014

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
07.04.2014 Sylvain Maillot Université Montpellier Applications of Ricci flow with surgery on open 3-manifolds
14.04.2014 Felix Schulze University College London Evolution of regular networks in the plane
28.04.2014 Joel Fine Université Libre de Bruxelles A gauge theoretic approach to Einstein 4-manifolds
05.05.2014 Anna Siffert Ruhr Universität Bochum New equivariant harmonic maps between cohomogeneity one manifolds
12.05.2014 Gudlaugur Thorbergsson Universität zu Köln Maximally curved spheres in compact symmetric spaces as lines and a generalization
19.05.2014 Hartmut Weiß Universität München A gluing theorem for solutions of Hitchin´s equation
26.05.2014 Stefan Suhr Universität Hamburg On the conformal classes of spacelike Zoll surfaces
02.06.2014 Carlos Ramos Cuevas Universität München Fixed point sets in spherical buildings
23.06.2014 Thomas Vogel Universität München Approximation of foliations by contact structures
30.06.2014 Patrick Emmerich Universität Freiburg Rigidity of manifolds without conjugate points
07.07.2014 Kai Zehmisch WWU Münster The Weinstein conjecture for connected sums
14.07.2014 Wolfgang Ziller University of Pennsylvania Wide Immersions with nonnegative curvature

Wintersemester 2013/2014

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
14.10.2013 Frank Reidegeld TU Dortmund Deformations of non-compact G_2-manifolds
21.10.2013 Andrew Francis Swann Aarhus University Twists and special geometries
28.10.2013 Vladimir Matveev Universität Jena Integrable systems in c-projective geometry
04.11.2013 Klaus Kröncke Universität Potsdam Einstein metrics and Ricci flow
11.11.2013 Marco Freibert Universität Hamburg The Hitchin flow on Lie groups
18.11.2013 Tillmann Jentsch Universität Stuttgart Höhere Jakobioperatoren von Einstein Mannigfaltigkeiten
25.11.2013 Knut Smoczyk Universität Hannover Mean curvature flow and isotopy of maps between Riemannian manifolds
02.12.2013 Alexander Lytchak Universität Köln Riemannian foliations on spheres
09.12.2013 Esther Cabezas Rivas Universität Frankfurt A generalization of Gromov's almost flat manifold theorem
16.12.2013 Sergey Grigorian University of Texas -- Pan American Short-time behavior of a modified Laplacian coflow of G2-structures
06.01.2014 Christopher Deninger WWU Münster Deformations of harmonic forms
13.01.2014 Tobias Lamm KIT Rigidity results for conformal immersions
20.01.2014 Frederik Witt WWU Münster Stable bundles and Hitchin's self-duality equation
27.01.2014 Martin Weilandt UFSC Isospectral Alexandrov spaces
03.02.2014 Karsten Grove University of Notre Dame Reflections in nonnegative curvature

Sommersemester 2013

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
08.04.2013 Manuel Amann KIT Topological properties of positively curved manifolds with symmetry
15.04.2013 Andrew Dancer University of Oxford Hyperkähler Implosion
22.04.2013 Roger Bielawski Universität Hannover Pluricomplex geometry, quaternionic manifolds, and self-dual deformations of D_k gravitational instantons
29.04.2013 Bernhard Hanke Universität Augsburg The space of metrics of positive scalar curvature
06.05.2013 Uwe Semmelmann Universität Stuttgart Generalized Killing spinors on Einstein manifolds
13.05.2013 Miles Simon Universität Magdeburg Some local results for the Ricci flow
27.05.2013 Anna Wienhard Universität Heidelberg Domains of Discontinuity for Anosov representation
10.06.2013 Anand Dessai Université de Fribourg Some infiniteness results for manifolds of nonnegative curvature
17.06.2013 Michael Wiemeler KIT Metrics of positive scalar curvature on S^1-manifolds
24.06.2013 Christopher Hopper University of Oxford On the regularity of minimising biharmonic maps into compact manifolds
01.07.2013 Christoph Böhm Universität Münster On the singularities of homogeneous Ricci flows
08.07.2013 Thomas Marquardt ETH Zürich The inverse mean curvature flow for hypersurfaces with boundary
15.07.2013 Gerhard Knieper RUB Noncompact harmonic manifolds

Wintersemester 2012/2013

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
08.10.2012 Lei Ni University of California Modulus of expansion and eigenvalue estimates
15.10.2012 Christian Bär Universität Potsdam Formal 4- folds with nonnegative curvature
22.10.2012 Klaus Ecker FU Berlin On the first singular set of mean curvature flow
29.10.2012 Alan Rendall MPI Golm Oscillatory singularities in solutions of the Einstein equations
05.11.2012 Jost Eschenburg Universität Augsburg Symmetric spaces and Division Algebras
12.11.2012 Volker Branding Universität Potsdam Dirac- harmonic maps and evolution equations
19.11.2012 Peter Albers WWU Münster Periodic bounce orbits of prescribed energy
26.11.2012 Wilderich Tuschmann KIT Infrahomogeneous spaces and minimal volumes
03.12.2012 Reto Müller Imperial College London On finite time singularities of the Ricci flow
10.12.2012 Brian Clarke WWU Münster Ricci flow, analytic stability, and the space of Kähler metrics
17.12.2012 Luigi Ambrosio SNS Pisa Recent progress on the theory of metric measure spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
14.01.2013 Eugenie Hunsiker Loughborough University, UK An operator calculus for locally symmetric spaces
21.01.2013 Mark Haskins Imperial College London tba
21.01.2013 Gérard Besson Institut Fourier Grenoble A Margulis lemma without curvature
28.01.2013 Marcos Alexandrino Universidade de Sao Paulo Smoothness of isometric flows on orbit spaces and Molino´s conjecture

Sommersemester 2012

Datum Sprecher Ort Vortrag
02.04.2012 Mario Listing Universität Freiburg Curvature gaps of complex vector bundles
16.04.2012 Jonathan Bowden Universität Augsburg Contact structures, deformations and taut foliations
23.04.2012 Oliver Goertsches Universität Hamburg Equivariant basic cohomology of Riemannian foliations
30.04.2012 Matthias Nagel TU Kaiserslautern Kirwan polytopes and representations
07.05.2012 Takumi Yokota WWU Münster On the filling radius of positively curved Alexandrov spaces
14.05.2012 Sebastian Hoelzel WWU Münster On surgery stable curvature conditions
04.06.2012 Hansjörg Geiges Universität zu Köln Diagrams for contact 5-manifolds
11.06.2012 Will Merry Cambridge University Product structures in Rabinowitz Floer homology
18.06.2012 Andre Neves Imperial College, London Min-max theory, Willmore conjecture, and energy of links
25.06.2012 Helga Baum Humboldt Universität, Berlin On Lorentzian manifolds with special holonomy
09.07.2012 Marco Radeschi WWU Münster Smoothness of isometries between leaf spaces of singular Riemanian foliations
09.07.2012 Lorenz Schwachhöfer Universität Dortmund The Euclidean limit of hyperbolic monopoles

Wintersemester 2011/2012

Datum Sprecher Universität Vortrag
10.10.2011 Hans-Joachim Hein Imperial College, London On Gravitational Instantons
17.10.2011 Ernst Kuwert Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg Conformal immersions and Willmore functional
24.10.2011 Neshan Wickramasekra University of Cambridge A report on regularity of minimal submanifolds
07.11.2011 Mario Micallef University of Warwick Splitting of 3-manifolds and rigidity of area-minimising surfaces
07.11.2011 Norbert Peyerimhoff Durham University Zwei Radius Theoreme und harmonische Mannigfaltigkeiten
14.11.2011 Giovanni Catino SISSA, Trieste On the classification of some Einstein-manifolds
21.11.2011 Luis Guijarro UAM, Madrid Look-alike cut loci sets
28.11.2011 Katrin Wendland Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg Symmetries of 3K and the automorphisms of the Golay code
05.12.2011 Wolfgang Spindeler WWU, Münster Nonnegatively curved fixed point homogenous 5-manifolds
12.12.2011 Guiseppe Tinaglia King´s College, London The geometry of constant mean curvature surfaces embedded in R^3
15.12.2011 Tom Ilmanen ETH, Zürich New results in mean curvature flow in R^3
09.01.2012 Linus Kramer WWU, Münster Homogeneous Geometries of Type C3
16.01.2012 Markus Röser Jesus College, Oxford Hypersymplectic Geometry and Gauge Theory
23.01.2012 Melanie Rupflin MPI Albert-Einstein- Institut, Golm Flowing maps to minimal surfaces
30.01.2012 Jens Heber Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel Hadamard manifolds with cocompact isometry groups

Sommersemester 2011

Vorträge im Oberseminar SS 2011
Datum Sprecher Universität Vortrag
04.04.2011 Nikolai Nowaczyk    
18.04.2011 Stephan Huckemann   Statistics on manifolds
02.05.2011 Vicente Cortés Universität Hamburg Complete quaternionic Kähler maninfolds associated to cubic polyomials
09.05.2011 Robert Haslhofer ETH Zürich Singularities in 4d Ricci flow
16.05.2011 Carla Cederbaum MPG, Berlin The Newtonian linit of Geometrostatistics
23.05.2011 Andre Neves Imperial College, London Minimax minimal durfaces and positive scalar curvature
30.05.2011 Miles Simon Universität Freiburg Expanding solitons with nonnegative curvature operator coming out of cones
06.06.2011 Lars Schäfer Universität Hannover On the HSL-flow
20.06.2011 Tobias Lamm Universität Frankfurt a.M. superquadratic curvature functionals for immersed surfaces
27.06.2011 Stephan Wiesendorf Universität Köln Singular Riemannian functionals for immersed surfaces
04.07.2011 Carlo Mantegazza SNS Pisa Flow by mean curvature inside a moving ambient space
11.07.2011 Michael Struwe ETH Zürich Quantization in Geometric Analysis

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