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Abstract of the Main Research Areas

The main research interests of the institute lie in set theory, model theory and theoretical computer science.

Set theory is represented by Professor Schindler and Professor Miller.
Professor Miller works in descriptive set theory, which is concerned with the structure of definable subsets of the real numbers. He is particularly interested in Borel structure, definable analogs of cardinality, and connections with other areas of mathematics, such as combinatorics and ergodic theory.

Model theory is represented by Professor Tent.

Professor Schulz research interests lie in the area of discrete and computational geometry. He is interested in embedding algorithms for combinatorial structures such as planar graphs. Although he approaches most problems from a theoretical point of view, he is also actively researching applications in graph drawing and visualization. Furthermore, Professor Schulz is studying enumeration problems for geometric (crossing-free) graphs and works on algorithms for problems in computational geometry and computational origami.
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