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Example of a pizza

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When & where:

Friday at 12:30, in room N2


Stefan Witzel, Ulrich Pennig

What is it?

The idea of this seminar is to serve pizza together with an easily digestible math talk (of about half an hour). The talks should be fun, accessible to a broad audience, and very informal. Each week, we'll decide together about the talk of the next week.

If you want to have some pizza, please drop a short line to Immi. We will then order the food (and kindly ask you to bring a little cash). Of course, you are welcome to attend the seminar without eating pizza.

Talks (SoSe 2013)

  • 26.4.: André Schulz: Folding pop-up cards
  • 3.5.: Matthew Zaremsky: Introduction to Thompson's groups
  • 17.5.: Immi Halupczok: Computing Poincaré series instead of solving Diophantine equations
  • 7.6.: Franziska Jahnke: Large (or ample) fields
  • 14.6.: Karin Halupczok: On Zhang's proof of the bounded gap conjecture
  • 21.6.: Stefan Witzel: Classifying flat 2-tori and related topics
  • 28.6.: Zaniar Ghadernezhad: Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé Games
  • 12.7.: Annika Bänsch: absolute irreducibility of multivariable polynomials via Newton polytopes

Talks from the previous semesters

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