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Height Drift Correction in Non-Raster Atomic Force Microscopy cam13-32.pdf
submitted to Journal of Applied Physics, Preprint: UCLA CAM report 13-32 - may 2013
A hyperelastic regularization energy for image registration
WWU Muenster Preprint - 2011

Continuous limit of a crowd motion and herding model: Analysis and numerical simulations
Martin Burger, Peter Markowich, Jan-Frederik Pietschmann
WWU Muenster - 2011

A convex model for non-negative matrix factorization and dimensionality reduction on physical space cam11-06.pdf
Ernie Esser, Michael Moeller, Stanley Osher, Guillermo Sapiro, Jack Xin
UCLA num. 11-06 CAM report - 2011

Inverse problems in ion channel modelling
WWU Muenster - 2011

Identification of nonlinearities in transport-diffusion models of size exclusion
Martin Burger, Jan-Frederik Pietschmann, Marie-Therese Wolfram
WWU Muenster Preprint - 2011

In situ visualization of damaged DNA in human sperm by Raman microspectroscopy
Con Mallidis, Joachim Wistuba, Bernd Bleisteiner, Oliver Damm, Petra Groß, Frank Wübbeling, Christian Fallnich, Martin Burger, Stefan Schlatt
WWU Muenster - 2011

Stationary States of Quadratic Diffusion Equations with Long-Range Attraction
UCLA num. 11-12 CAM Report - 2011

Multiscale Methods for polyhedral regularizations cam11-74.pdf
Michael Moeller, Martin Burger
UCLA num. 11-74 CAM Report - 2011

A Dual Split Bregman Method for Fast $ell^1$ Minimization cam11-57.pdf
Yi Yang, Michael Moeller, Stanley Osher
UCLA num. 11-57 CAM report - 2011

An Adaptive Inverse Scale Space Method for Compressed Sensing cam11-08.pdf
UCLA num. 11-08 CAM Report - 2011

A Variational Framework for Region-Based Segmentation Incorporating Physical Noise Models cam11-81_dec2012.pdf
UCLA num. 11-81 CAM Report - december 2011

The Myocardium Functioning as a Structured Continuum
Peter Niederer, Stephan Weiss, Paul P. Lunkenheimer, Christoph Brune, Martin Burger, Morten H. Smerup, Robert H. Anderson
University of Muenster - august 2011

Error Estimates and Numerics for Inexact Augmented Lagrangian Methods
University of Muenster - august 2011
Stability analysis of the inverse transmembrane potential problem in electrocardiography partialWellPosed.pdf
Martin Burger, Bjorn-Fredrik Nielsen, Kent-Andre Mardal
WWU Muenster - 2010

A Continuity Equation Based Optical Flow Method for Cardiac Motion Correction in 3D PET Data Dawood_Brune_Jiang_Buether_Burger_Jiang_Schober_Schaefers_Schaefers_A_Continuity_Equation_Based_Optical_Flow_Method_for_Cardiac_Motion_Correction_in_3D_PET_Data_(MICCAI 2010).pdf
University of Muenster, Proceedings of the MICCAI 2010 Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention - 2010

Nonlinear cross-diffusion with size exclusion WithoutPotential.pdf
Martin Burger, Marco Di Francesco, Jan-Frederik Pietschmann, Bärbel Schlake
WWU M?nster - 2010

Mathematical modeling and simulation of nanopore blocking by precipitation burger_siwy_wolfram.pdf
WWU Muenster - 2010

3D Large Scale Pneumographic Myocardial Structure Analysis - Advanced Denoising, Motion and Level-Set Techniques
Universitaet Muenster, ETH Zuerich submitted to Bildverarbeitung fuer die Medizin, Luebeck, 2011 - october 2010
A mixed finite element method for nonlinear diffusion equations burger-carrillo-wolfram_krm.pdf
WWU Muenster - 2009

Bregmanized nonlocal regularization for deconvolution and sparse reconstruction BOS_NLTV_v3.pdf
UCLA CAM-Report num. 09-03 - 2009

Image inpainting using a fourth-order total variation flow sampta09.pdf
UCLA CAM-Report num. 09-34 - 2009

A unified primal-dual algorithm framework based on Bregman iteration
UCLA CAM-Report num. 09-99 - 2009

Error estimation for variational models with non-Gaussian noise Error Estimates.pdf
WWU Muenster - 2009

A level set based shape optimization method for an elliptic obstacle problem finalpaper.pdf
WWU Muenster - 2009

Sensitivity of beamformer source analysis to deficiencies in forward modeling s1-ln656216490951441-1939656818Hwf-601927130IdV19557351056562164PDF_HI0001.pdf
Olaf Steinstraeter, Stephanie Sillekens, Markus Junghoefer, Martin Burger, Carsten Wolters
WWU Muenster - 2009

A model of oscillatory zoning in two dimensions: simulation and mode analysis
Tanja Mues, Andreas Heuer, Martin Burger, Ihor Lubashevsky
WWU Muenster - 2009
Variational wavelet pan-sharpening
Michael Moeller, Todd Wittman, Andrea Bertozzi
UCLA CAM-Report num. 08-81 - 2008

Kantenerkennung im optischen Fluss als mehrdimensionales Steuerungsproblem Brune_Maurer_Wagner_Kantenerkennung_im_optischen_Fluss_als_mehrdimensionales_Steuerungsproblem(2008).pdf
Preprint Reihe Mathematik M-01, BTU Cottbus - january 2008
Statistical Filtering of Global Illumination for Computer Graphics Pixar_final_report_2007.pdf
Martin Benning, Edward Lee, Henry Pao, Karamatou Yacoubou-Djima
UCLA 460 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095-7121 IPAM RIPS Report 2007 - august 2007
Weak solutions of a polymer crystal growth model cam06-40.pdf
CAM-Report 06-40, UCLA, Announcement in ERA-AMS 13 (2007) - 2006

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