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Adaptive Modelling of Coupled Hydrological Processes with Application in Water Management

Peter Bastian, Heiko Berninger, Andreas Dedner, Christian Engwer, Patrick Henning, Ralf Kornhuber, Dietmar Kröner, Mario Ohlberger, Oliver Sander, Gerd Schiffler, Nina Shokina, Kathrin Smetana
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010,, Volume 17, page 561--567 - february 2012
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This paper presents recent results of a network project aiming at the modelling and simulation of coupled surface and subsurface flows. In particular, a discontinuous Galerkin method for the shallow water equations has been developed which includes a special treatment of wetting and drying. A robust solver for saturatedunsaturated groundwater flow in homogeneous soil is at hand, which, by domain decomposition techniques, can be reused as a subdomain solver for flow in heterogeneous soil. Coupling of surface and subsurface processes is implemented based on a heterogeneous nonlinear DirichletNeumann method, using the dune-grid-glue module in the numerics software DUNE.

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