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ArbiLoMod: Local Solution Spaces by Random Training in Electrodynamics

arXiv e-prints, Number 1606.06206 - june 2016
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The simulation method ArbiLoMod has the goal to provide users of Finite Element based simulation software with quick re-simulation after localized changes to the model under consideration. It generates a Reduced Order Model (ROM) for the full model without ever solving the full model. To this end, a localized variant of the Reduced Basis method is employed, solving only small localized problems in the generation of the reduced basis. The key to quick re-simulation lies in recycling most of the localized basis vectors after a localized model change. In this publication, ArbiLoMod's local training algorithm is analyzed numerically for the non-coercive problem of time harmonic Maxwell's equations in 2D, formulated in H(curl).

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