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A Flexible Primal-Dual Toolbox

arXiv e-prints - 2016
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FlexBox is a flexible MATLAB toolbox for finite dimensional convex variational problems in image processing and beyond. Such problems often consist of non-differentiable parts and involve linear operators. The toolbox uses a primal-dual scheme to avoid (computationally) inefficient operator inversion and to get reliable error estimates. From the user-side, FlexBox expects the primal formulation of the problem, automatically decouples operators and dualizes the problem. For large-scale problems, FlexBox also comes with a cpp-module, which can be used stand-alone or together with MATLAB via MEX-interfaces. Besides various pre-implemented data-fidelities and regularization-terms, FlexBox is able to handle arbitrary operators while being easily extendable, due to its object-oriented design.
The toolbox is available at

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