L²-Invariants, Measure Theory and Geometric Group Theory

Workshop in Münster, Germany

Monday, March 8 to Friday, March 12, 2004



The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers working on geometrical and dynamical group theory, von Neumann algebras, ergodic theory, L²-invariants or related fields to discuss recent developments and different aspects of interplay between these fields. The schedule and the abstracts can be downloaded in the following formats: [dvi] [ps] [pdf]


Damien Gaboriau (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon)
Wolfgang Lück (Universität Münster)
Roman Sauer (Universität Münster)
Andrzej Zuk (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon)


The list of confirmed participants includes: Bachir Bekka, Jacek Brodzki, Michelle Bucher, Rostislav Grigorchuk, Bernhard Hanke, Peter Kropholler, Ian Leary, Peter Linnell, John Lott, Guido Mislin, Nicolas Monod, Michael Mueger, Yann Ollivier, Pierre Pansu, Mikael Pichot, Sorin Popa, Thomas Schick, Yehuda Shalom, Dimitri Shlyakhtenko, Michael Tweedale, Alain Valette, Antony Wassermann, Anna Wienhard


Mathematisches Institut - Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität - Münster (Germany).
The workshop is hosted and funded by the Sonderforschungsbereich "Geometrische Strukturen in der Mathematik" (SFB 478).

Contact Information

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