Cluster Algebras and Dynamical Systems

Münster, February 25 - 28, 2015

Organisers: Peter Albers, Lutz Hille

Main speakers:
Karin Baur
Thomas Brüstle
Michail Gekhtman
Pierre-Guy Plamondon
Ralf Schiffler
Sergei Tabachnikov

The conference will start on Wednesday, February 25, at 9:00, and close on Saturday, February 28, at 18:00.
The lectures take place at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Münster, lecture hall M5.
Further information, including travel information and maps.

Here you can find the schedule of the meeting and titles and abstracts of the talks (pdf: schedule and abstracts).

Registration: closed.

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supported by:
SFB 878 'Groups, Geometry and Actions'
SPP 1388 'Representation Theory'
Contact: Peter Albers, Lutz Hille.
Contact accommodation: Angela Loew, Ina Reckermann.