Oberseminar Topologie (SoSe 2015)

Datum Vortragende(r) Titel
13.04.2015 Matthias Grey
(Uni Kopenhagen)

20.04.2015 Johannes Ebert
(WWU Münster)
The spectral-flow theorem and an application to positive scalar curvature
27.04.2015 Kai Zehmisch
(WWU Münster)
Disc filling and connected sum
04.05.2015 Peter Albers 
(WWU Münster)

11.05.2015 Michael Wiemeler
(Uni Augsburg)
Invariant metrics of positive scalar curvature on S^1-manifolds
18.05.2015 Markus Szymik
Homology and the stability problem in the Thompson group family
01.06.2015 Holger Kammeyer
(Universität Bonn)
L2-invariants and approximation along finite coverings
08.06.2015 Mauricio Gómez López
(University of Copenhagen)
Spaces of piecewise linear manifolds
15.06.2015 Ilan Barnea
Model structure on projective systems of C*-algebras and bivariant homology theories
22.06.2015 Marco Varisco
(University at Albany)
room: SRZ 220
Algebraic K-theory of group rings and the cyclotomic trace map
29.06.2015 kein Vortrag
06.07.2015 Urtzi Buijs
Generalized Quillen rational homotopy and its applications
13.07.2015 Sarah Yeakel
(University of Illinois)
A chain rule for Goodwillie calculus

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