SFB Arbeitstagung

May 18 - May 19, 2017

List of talks

All lectures take place in lecture hall M2.

Thursday, May 18, 2017
TP Title
14.00-14.15A2p-adic group algebras
14.20-14.35 A3 Moduli spaces of G-shtukas and the Langlands program
14.40-14.55 A4 Groups, geometries and model theoretic modularity
15.00-15.15 A5 Ultrahomogeneous ultrametric spaces and randomness
15.20-15.35 A9 Valued fields, definable groups and neostabillity
Break (Coffee, Cake)
16.10-16.25 A7 Generalized cohomology theories
16.30-16.45 A8 Quasi-hereditary algebras, toric geometry and derived categories
16.50-17.05 A10 p-adic automorphic forms and Galois representations
17.10-17.25 B1 Singular spaces and foliations
17.30-17.45 B2 Geometric evolution equations
Fingerfood, Drinks

Friday, May 19, 2017
TP Title
12.30-12.45 B4 Reductive groups and combinatorial structures
12.50-13.05 B5 K-theory, L-theory and geometric topology
13.10-13.25 B9 Cobordism categories and geometric topology
13.30-13.45 B10 Index theory and positive scalar curvature
Break (Coffee, Cake)
14.15-14.30 C1 Dynamical systems from a noncommutative point of view
14.35-14.50 C2 The fine structure of nuclear C*-algebras
14.55-15.10 C3 Baum-Connes conjcture and expander graphs
15.15-15.30 C4 Mathematical aspects of quantum field theory
15.45-16.00 C5 Random walks, branching, random media
16.05-16.20 C6 Iterated function systems and random matrices