November 15 - November 16, 2012
Münster, Germany

List of talks

Lecturer SP Title of talk
Ebert, Johannes--Moduli spaces of manifolds: geometric applications
Hille, Lutz -- Actions of Algebraic Groups and Derived Categories
Weiß, Michael -- Spaces of smooth embeddings, categories of configurations and relations with the h-principle
Werner, Wend--Symmetric spaces and K-theory
Winter, Wilhelm--Dynamics and Dimension
Deninger, ChristopherA1
Hartl,Urs A3 Moduli Spaces of G-Shtukas and Period Domains
Tent, Katrin A4 Independence in homogeneous spaces
Miller, Ben A6 Definable cardinality
Wilking, BurkhardB1
Böhm, ChristophB2Geometric evolution equations
Lohkamp, JoachimB3 Skin structures
Kramer, Linus B4 Topological Groups and Nonpositive Curvature
Bartels, ArthurB5K-theory of group rings
Albers, PeterB8Symplectic Geometry - Theory and Applications to Dynamics
Cuntz, JoachimC1/C2Endomorphismen und Wirkungen von Halbgruppen
Echterhoff, SiegfriedC3 Group algebras, crossed products and the Baum-Connes conjecture
Wulkenhaar, Raimar C4 Mathematical aspects of quantum field theory
Alsmeyer, GeroldC5 Randon media and branching random walk
Alsmeyer, Gerold C6Random matrices and iterated random functions