Twists, generalised cohomology and applications

Conference at the WWU Münster, Germany

October 14 - October 18, 2013


Alan Carey, Joachim Cuntz, Michael Joachim

The joint poster of the conference and the summer school "Field theories, conformal nets and Kac-Moody groups" is available here.


All lectures will take place in lecture hall N2.

10:00 - 11:00 11:30 - 12:30 14:00 - 15:00
Peter Teichner:
New algebraic topology inspired by field theories
Hisham Sati:
Twisted generalized cohomology and M-theory
Tom Farrell will speak in the Oberseminar Topology (Lecture Hall M6) from 14:00 - 16:00.
Urs Schreiber:
Local prequantum boundary field theories
Snigdhayan Mahanta:
KK-equivalences and topological T-duality
Thomas Schick:
Large scale index of multipartitioned manifolds
Thomas Nikolaus:
Twisted differential cohomology
Ulrich Bunke:
Twisted cohomology and superconnections

Matthew Ando:
Fibered WZW models and the string group
Fabian Hebestreit:
Twisted spin cobordism
Bernardo Uribe:
Twisted equivariant K-theory for discrete and proper actions
Ulrich Pennig:
Unit spectra of K-theory via strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras
Jonathan Rosenberg:
Twists of KR-theory and applications to string theory

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Location & how to get there

All lectures take place at the Mathematisches Institut - Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster (Germany). For a map click here. The nearest airport is Münster-Osnabrück (FMO). There is a bus (line S50) that takes about 40 min from the airport to the main train station of Münster. For train connections to Münster, check here; in the search form just write "ms" in the "Destination" field. This will determine the correct train station "Münster(Westf)Hbf". More information about transport to Münster can also be found here. For connections directly to our Mathematisches Institut please click here.


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