Project C1: Dynamical systems from a noncommutative point of view

Principal investigators

Participating scientists


Non-commutative dynamical systems provide among the most important examples for Non-commutative Geometry and are at the basis of most applications of the theory. We intend to study a number of specific systems that are taken from areas ranging from number theory over geometry and topology to ergodic theory. Our aim is to analyze algebras associated with dynamical systems and to apply methods from the theory of operator algebras to study ergodic theoretic properties of certain dynamical systems.

The project is composed of the following subprojects.
  • Non-commutative dynamical systems associated to rings of integers in global fields.
  • Ergodic properties of algebraic dynamical systems and von Neumann algebras.
  • Crossed products by proper actions.
  • Duality of groupoids and quantum groupoids.

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