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Title Published Subprojects Authors
On the K- and L-theory of hyperbolic and virtually finitely generated abelian groups Jul 06 2010 B5, B6
Kernels of Linear Representations of Lie Groups, locally Compact Groups, and Pro-Lie Groups Jul 22 2010 B4
Complete asymptotic expansions for certain multiple q-integrals and q-differentials of Thomae-Jackson type Jul 27 2010 A1 Katsurada
Complete asymptotic expansions for the product averges of higher derivetives of Lerch zeta-functions Jul 27 2010 A1 Katsurada
Compact Totally Disconnected Moufang Buildings Aug 28 2010 B4 Kramer
On the local structure and the homology of CAT$(\kappa)$ spaces and euclidean buildings Sep 16 2010 B4 Kramer
The topology of a simple Lie group is essentially unique Sep 27 2010 B4 Kramer
Tail behavior of stationary solutions of random difference equations: the case of regular matrices Oct 14 2010 C6 Alsmeyer, Mentemeier
Metric properties of euclidean buildings Dec 14 2010 B4 Kramer
The K-theoretic Farrell-Jones conjecture for CAT(0)-groups Dec 15 2010 B5 Wegner
The Farrell-Jones Conjecture for cocompact lattices in virtually connected Lie groups Jan 03 2011 B5 Bartels
The Farrell-Hsiang method revisited Jan 03 2011 B5 Bartels
Functorial semi-norms on singular homology and (in)flexible manifolds Mar 21 2011 B7
Crossed Products, the Mackey-Rieffel-Green Machine and Applications Mar 17 2011 C3 Echterhoff
Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory for Proper Actions of discrete Groups Mar 21 2011 B6 Barcenas Torres
Nonlinearity, Proper Actions and Equivariant Stable Cohomotopy Mar 21 2011 B6 Barcenas Torres
Twisted K-Theory with Coefficients in C*-Algebras Mar 25 2011 B5 Pennig
The Newton stratification on deformations of local G-shtukas Apr 19 2011 A3 Hartl
Period Spaces for Hodge Structures in Equal Characteristic Apr 19 2011 A3 Hartl
Pure Anderson Motives and Abelian tau-Sheaves Apr 19 2011 A3 Hartl
On a Conjecture of Rapoport and Zink Apr 19 2011 A3 Hartl
Foliations in deformation spaces of local G-shtukas Apr 19 2011 A3 Hartl
Fixed points of the smoothing transforms: Two-sided solutions Apr 07 2011 C5 Alsmeyer, Meiners
Fixed Points of Inhomogeneous Smoothing Transforms Apr 07 2011 C5 Alsmeyer, Meiners
The Functional Equation of the Smoothing Transform Apr 07 2011 C5 Alsmeyer, Meiners
A language for quantifier elimination in ordered abelian groups Apr 08 2011 A4 Halupczok
Approximations and Lipschitz continuity in p-adic semi-algebraic and subanalytic geometry Apr 08 2011 A4 Halupczok
The Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg conjecture for the Semi-dihedral group of order 16 Apr 12 2011 B6 Malhotra
Nonnegatively curved fixed point homogeneous 5-manifolds May 03 2011 B1 Galaz Garcia, Spindeler
Convergence to stable laws for multidimensional stochastic recursions: the case of regular matrices May 05 2011 C6 Mentemeier
A Lie algebraic approach to Ricci flow invariant curvature conditions and Harnack inequalities May 26 2011 B1 Wilking
Structure of fundamental groups of manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below Jun 03 2011 B1 Wilking
C*-algebras of Toeplitz type associated with algebraic number fields Jun 06 2011 C1 Deninger, Cuntz
Semigroup C*-Algebras and Amenability of Semigroups Jun 25 2011 C1 Li
K-Theory for Ring C*-Algebras attached to Function Fields with only one Infinite Place Jun 26 2011 C1 Li
A general Kirillov Theory for locally compact nilpotent groups Jul 28 2011 C3 Echterhoff
How to produce a Ricci flow via Cheeger-Gromoll exhaustion Aug 23 2011 B2 Wilking, Cabezas-Rivas
A K-theoretic approach to the classification of symmetric spaces Sep 20 2011 C4 Werner, Bohle
The universal enveloping TRO of a JB*-triple system Sep 20 2011 C4 Werner, Bohle
Unbounded multipliers on operator spaces Sep 20 2011 C4 Werner
Regulators, entropy and infinite determinants Oct 04 2011 A1 Deninger
Determinants on von Neumann algebras, Mahler measures and Ljapunov exponents Mar 06 2011 A1 Deninger
On polygons, twin trees and CAT(1)-spaces Mar 10 2011 A5 Tent
On computable functions on the reals Feb 03 2010 A5 Tent
Completely reducible subcomplexes of spherical buildings Feb 04 2011 A5 Tent
Simplicity of some automorphism groups Apr 03 2011 A5 Tent
Pseudofinite groups with NIP theory Sep 11 2011 A5 Tent
On the isometry group of the Urysohn space Sep 04 2011 A5 Tent
The free pseudospace is n-ample, but not n+1-ample Sep 18 2011 A5 Tent
8D-spectral triple on 4D-Moyal space and the vacuum of noncommutative gauge theory Sep 14 2011 C4 Wulkenhaar
Spectral geometry of the Moyal plane with harmonic propagation Dec 06 2013 C4 Wulkenhaar
Coarse non-amenability and coarse embeddings Jan 10 2011 C3 Spakula
Maximal and reduced Roe algebras of coarsely embeddable spaces Oct 07 2011 C3 Spakula
On Rigidity of Roe algebras Oct 07 2011 C3 Spakula
Mixed Artin-Tate motives over number rings May 01 2010 A1 Scholbach
Arakelov motivic cohomology Sep 20 2011 A1 Scholbach
f-cohomology and motives over number rings May 01 2010 A1 Scholbach
Special L-values of geometric motives May 01 2010 A1 Scholbach
Non-Archimedean Whitney-stratifications Sep 27 2011 A4 Halupczok
Quantifier elimination in ordered abelian groups Oct 14 2011 A4 Halupczok
Dimension in topological structures: topological closure and local property Jun 22 2011 A4 Halupczok, Fornasiero
The centralizer of a classical group and Bruhat-Tits buildings Feb 01 2011 B4 Skodlerack
Definably complete Baire structures Sep 01 2010 Fornasiero
Theorems of the complement Jan 01 2010 Fornasiero
Definably complete structures are not pseudo-enumerable Mar 15 2011 Fornasiero
Dimensions, matroids, and dense pairs of first-order structures Jun 01 2011 Fornasiero
Relative Pfaffian Closure for Definably Complete Baire Structures May 17 2010 Fornasiero
A dichotomy for expansions of the real field Jan 01 2011 Fornasiero
Hausdorff measure on o-minimal structures Nov 07 2010 Fornasiero
Embeddings of local fields in simple algebras and simplicial structures on the Bruhat-Tits building Apr 15 2011 B4 Skodlerack
Higher finiteness properties of reductive arithmetic groups in positive characteristic: the Rank Theorem Feb 02 2011 B4 Witzel
The Cuntz semigroup of continuous functions into certain simple C*-algebras Oct 11 2011 C1 Tikuisis
A classification of finite rank dimension groups by their representations in ordered real vector spaces Oct 11 2011 C1 Tikuisis
Hilbert C*-modules over a commutative C*-algebra Jul 23 2010 C1 Tikuisis
An algebraic approach to the radius of comparison Oct 11 2011 C1 Tikuisis
Regularity for stably projectionless, simple C*-algebras Oct 11 2011 C1 Tikuisis
The Spectral Radius in Co(X)-Banach Algebras May 04 2011 C2 Paravicini
A Generalised Green-Julg Theorem for Proper Groupoids and Banach Algebras May 04 2011 C3 Paravicini
The Bost Conjecture and Proper Banach Algebras Dec 02 2012 C3 Paravicini
The Semicircle Law for Matrices with Independent Diagonals Sep 15 2011 C6 Löwe, Friesen
The Hilbert-Polya strategy and height pairings Jul 05 2011 A1 Deninger
Surjectivity and equidistribution of the word x^ay^b on PSL(2,q) and SL(2,q) Oct 10 2011 A4 Garion
Highly Transitive Actions of Out(Fn) Nov 10 2011 A4 Garion
Cohomogeneity-two torus actions on non-negatively curved manifolds of low dimension Nov 09 2011 B1 Kerin, Galaz Garcia
New Beauville surfaces and finite simple groups Jul 27 2011 A4 Garion
Beauville surfaces, moduli spaces and finite groups Jul 27 2011 A4 Garion
Invariant measures on the circle and functional equations Nov 29 2011 A1 Deninger
Polar actions on symmetric spaces of higher rank Nov 30 2011 B1 Lytchak
On smoothness of isometries between orbit spaces Nov 30 2011 B1 Lytchak
On orbit spaces of representations of compact Lie groups Nov 30 2011 B1 Lytchak
On contractible orbifolds Nov 30 2011 B1 Lytchak
Transfer principles for integrability and boundedness conditions for motivic exponential functions Nov 18 2011 A4 Halupczok
Definability results for invariant distributions on a reductive unramified p-adic group Nov 30 2011 A4
On Beauville Structures for PSL(2,q) Dec 09 2011 A4 Garion
Quillen's work on the foundations of cyclic cohomology Jan 16 2012 C1 Cuntz
Fixed points for actions of Aut(Fn) on CAT(0) spaces Dec 21 2011 Varghese
On the K-theory of the C*-algebras generated by the left representation of an Ore semigroup Jan 24 2012 Cuntz, Echterhoff, Li
K-theory for ring C*-algebras - the case of number fields with higher roots of unity Jan 25 2012 Li
Finite dimensional ordered vector spaces with Riesz interpolation and Effros-Shen's unimodularity conjecture Oct 31 2011 C2 Tikuisis
The primitive ideal space of the C*-algebra of the affine semigroup of algebraic integers Jan 27 2012 C1 Echterhoff
A Simple, Self-Absorbing, Stable Projectionless C*-Algebra Jan 27 2012 C2 Jacelon
Horizontal factorizations of certain Hasse-Weil zeta functions - a remark on a paper by Taniyama Feb 15 2012 A1 Deninger, Wegner
C*-Algebras associated with endomorphisms and polymorphisms of compact abelian groups Mar 16 2012 C1, C2 Cuntz
Energy functionals and solution equations for G_2-forms Jan 05 2012 B2 Witt
A heat flow for special metrics Sep 06 2011 B2 Witt
A note on totally geodesic embeddings of Eschenburg spaces into Bazaikin spaces Apr 16 2012 B1 Kerin
Algebraic K-theory of the infinite place Feb 23 2012 A1 Scholbach
Homogeneous compact geometries May 11 2012 B4 Kramer, Lytchak
Heavy tailed solutions of multivariate smoothing transforms Jun 11 2012 C6 Mentemeier
Precise tail index of fixed points of the two-sided smoothing transform Jun 19 2012 C6 Alsmeyer, Mentemeier
On the K-theory of crossed products by automorphic semigroup actions Jun 20 2012 Cuntz, Echterhoff, Li
Free dynamical quantum groups and the dynamical quantum group SU_q(2) Jul 17 2012 Timmermann
Gaussian Fluctuations for Sample Covariance Matrices with Dependent Data Aug 03 2012 C6 Löwe, Friesen, Stolz
The space of linear anti-symplectic involutions is a homogeneous space Aug 10 2012 Albers
Topological K-(co-)homology of classifying spaces of discrete groups Aug 27 2012 B6 Joachim
Arakelov motivic cohomology II May 17 2012 A1 Scholbach
Structure of crossed products by strictly proper actions on continuous-trace algebras Aug 22 2012 Echterhoff
K-theory of hermitian symmetric spaces and root lattices Oct 03 2012 Werner, Bohle
Translated points and Rabinowitz Floer homology Oct 11 2012 B8 Albers
The Conley-Zehnder indices of the rotating Kepler problem Oct 11 2012 B8 Albers
A Gamma-structure on Lagrangian Grassmannians Oct 11 2012 B8 Albers
Measured quantum groupoids associated to proper dynamical quantum groups Sep 27 2012 Timmermann
A Geometric Proof of Removal of Boundary Singularities of Pseudo-Holomorphic Curves Oct 25 2012 B8 Fuchs
The growth sequence of symplectomorphisms on symplectically hyperbolic manifolds Nov 12 2012 Bae
Transitive actions of locally compact groups on locally contractible spaces Jan 22 2013 B4 Kramer
A phase transition for the limiting spectral density of random matrices Jan 29 2013 C6 Löwe, Friesen
Continuous group actions on profinite spaces Jan 30 2013 B6 Quick
Torsion algebraic cycles and etale cobordism Jan 30 2013 B6 Quick
Some remarks on profinite completion of spaces Jan 30 2013 B6 Quick
Profinite G-Spectra Jan 30 2013 B6 Quick
Continuous Homotopy Fixed Points for Lubin-Tate Spectra Jan 30 2013 B6 Quick
Hodge Filtered Complex Bordism Jan 30 2013 B6 Quick
The Cuntz semigroup and stability of close C*-algebras Oct 01 2012 C2 Winter
Decomposition rank of Z-stable C*-algebras Oct 01 2012 C2 Tikuisis, Winter
Z-stability and finite dimensional tracial boundaries Sep 01 2012 C2 Winter
Rokhlin dimension and C*-dynamics Sep 01 2012 Winter
Z is universal Aug 01 2012 C2 Jacelon, Winter
The generator problem for Z-stable C*-algebras Jan 01 2012 C2 Winter
Equations in simple matrix groups: algebra, geometry, arithmetic, dynamics Feb 20 2013 A4 Garion
Orderability, contact non-squeezing, and Rabinowitz Floer homology Mar 28 2013 B8 Albers
Exponential decay for sc-gradient flow lines Mar 28 2013 B8 Albers
Square roots of Hamiltonian Diffeomorphisms Apr 17 2013 B8 Albers
Universal and exotic generalized fixed-point algebras for weakly proper actions and duality Apr 23 2013 Echterhoff
Isometry groups of Alexandrov spaces May 29 2013 B1 Galaz Garcia
Imprimitivity theorems for weakly proper actions of locally compact groups May 22 2013 C1 Echterhoff
Expansion of conjugacy classes in PSL(2,q) Jul 25 2013 A4 Garion
Regular multiplier Hopf algebroids. Basic theory and examples Jul 31 2013 Timmermann
Fixed Points of the Multivariate Smoothing Transform Sep 04 2013 Mentemeier
Weakly proper group actions, Mansfield's imprimitivity and twisted Landstad duality Oct 15 2013 C3 Echterhoff
Beauville surfaces and probabilistic group theory Nov 01 2013 A4 Garion
On Kesten's Multivariate Choquet-Deny Lemma Nov 26 2013 Mentemeier
A Dixmier-Douady theory for strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras Feb 05 2014 Pennig
Unit spectra of K-theory from strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras Feb 05 2014 Pennig
Coarse equivalences of euclidean buildings Jan 01 2014 Kramer
On hitting times for simple random walk on dense Erdos-Renyi graphs Oct 08 2013 C5 Löwe, Torres Tapia
The sphericity of the Phan geometries of type Bn and Cn and the Phan-type theorem of type F4 Aug 11 2011 Witzel
Abels's groups revisited Jun 05 2012 Witzel
The Brin-Thompson groups sV are of type F_\infty Jul 20 2012 Witzel
Brown's criterion in Bredon homology Jun 05 2012 Witzel
The braided Thompson's groups are of type F_\infty Oct 10 2012 Witzel
Spacings - an example for Universality in Random Matrix Theory Jun 05 2013 C6
Global Asymptotics for the Christoffel-Darboux Kernel of Random Matrix Theory Jan 27 2014 C6
General approach to the fluctuations problem in random sequence comparison Nov 21 2012 C6 Torres Tapia
A note on hitting times for simple random walk on rooted, subcritical Galton-Watson trees Jan 14 2014 C5 Löwe, Torres Tapia
On the Spectral Density of Large Sample Covariance Matrices with Markov Dependent Columns Mar 12 2012 C6 Löwe, Friesen
On the limiting spectral density of symmetric random matrices with correlated entries Jun 09 2013 Löwe, Friesen
Capacity of an associative memory model on random graph architectures Mar 19 2013 C6 Löwe
The Hopfield model on a spare Erdos-Renyi graph Feb 18 2011 C6 Löwe
Moderate deviations for random field Curie-Weiss models Jun 05 2012 C5 Löwe, Meiners
On the accuracy of the normal approximation for the free energy in the REM Dec 23 2012 C5 Meiners
Cutoff and mixing time for transient random walks in random environments May 16 2013 C5 Gantert
Moment convergence in renewal theory Aug 20 2012 C5 Meiners
A host-parasite model for a two-type cell population Feb 05 2013 C5 Alsmeyer
Power and exponential moments of the number of visits and related quantities for perturbed random walks Jan 10 2013 C5 Alsmeyer, Meiners
Einstein relation for reversible diffusions in random environment Jan 19 2012 C5 Gantert
The smoothing transform: a review of contraction results Aug 20 2012 C5, C6 Alsmeyer
Metabasins - a state space aggregation for highly disordered energy landscapes Apr 04 2012 C6 Alsmeyer
Orderability and the Weinstein Conjecture Feb 02 2014 Albers, Fuchs
Symplectic homology of displaceable Liouville domains and Leafwise intersection points Feb 08 2014 Kang
Equivariant symplectic homology and multiple closed Reeb orbits Feb 08 2014 Kang
A remark on the structure of torsors under an affine group scheme Feb 10 2014 Deninger
An alternative to Witt vectors Feb 10 2014 Deninger, Cuntz
Cuplength estimates in Morse cohomology Feb 07 2014 Albers
The cohomology of locally analytic representations Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
Lubin-Tate and Drinfeld bundles Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
Admissible phi-modules and p-adic unitary representations Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
Homological vanishing theorems for locally analytic representations Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
On the Iwasawa theory of the Lubin-Tate moduli space Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
Iwasawa modules arising from deformation spaces of p-divisible formal group laws Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
Supersingular representations of p-adic reductive groups Feb 10 2014 Kohlhaase
Stable flatness of nonarchimedean hyperenveloping algebras Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Classical Modular forms and Galois representations Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
On unitary deformations of smooth modular representations Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Verma modules over p-adic Arens-Michael envelopes of reductive Lie algebras Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Picard groups in p-adic Fourier theory Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
On locally analytic Beilinson-Bernstein localization and the canonical dimension Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Locally analytic representations and sheaves on the Bruhat-Tits building Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Forms of an affinoid disc and ramification Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Integral models of P^1 and analytic distribution algebras for GL(2). Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Arithmetic differential operators on semistable models of P^1 Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
D-modules arithmetiques, distributions et localisation Feb 10 2014 Schmidt
Localizations and completions of skew power series rings Feb 10 2014 Schneider
A quantitative central limit theorem for linear statistics of random matrix eigenvalues Sep 24 2012 C6 Stolz
A functor from smooth o-torsion representations to (varphi, Gamma)-modules Feb 10 2014 Schneider
K_1 of certain Iwasawa algebras, after Kakde Feb 10 2014 Schneider
Robba rings for compact p-adic Lie groups Feb 10 2014 Schneider
A splitting for K1 of completed group rings Feb 10 2014 Schneider
Stein's method and the multivariate CLT for traces of powers on the classical compact groups Nov 05 2011 C6 Stolz
SK_1 and Lie algebras Feb 10 2014 Schneider
Large deviations for disordered bosons and multiple orthogonal polynomial ensembles Feb 03 2011 C6 Stolz
From etale P_+-representations to G-equivariant sheaves on G/P Feb 10 2014 Schneider
Lyapunov spectra for all symmetry classes of quasi-one-dimensional disordered systems of non-interacting Fermions May 20 2013 C6 Stolz
Pro-p Iwahori-Hecke algebras are Gorenstein Feb 10 2014 Schneider
On the K-theory of the C*-algebra generated by the left regular representation of an Ore semigroup Feb 10 2014 Cuntz, Echterhoff, Li
Quantum SU(2) and the Baum-Connes conjecture Feb 10 2014 Voigt
The K-theory of free quantum groups Feb 10 2014 Voigt
The Haagerup property for arbitrary von Neumann algebras Feb 10 2014 Caspers
Weak type estimates for the absolute value mapping Feb 10 2014 Caspers
Systolizing buildings Oct 21 2013 Schwer
The 6-strand braid group is CAT(0) Apr 22 2013 Schwer
Epimorphisms of pseudo-quadratic polar spaces Oct 31 2012 Schwer
On axiomatic definitions of non-discrete affine buildings Mar 16 2010 Schwer
Algebraic K-theory, K-regularity, and T-duality of O_infty-stable C*-algebras Feb 11 2014 Mahanta
On the Generating Hypothesis in noncommutative stable homotopy Feb 11 2014 Mahanta
Noncommutative stable homotopy, stable infinity categories, and semigroup C*-algebras Feb 11 2014 Mahanta
Hirzebruch-Milnor classes and Steenbrink spectra of certain projective hypersurfaces Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Characteristic classes of mixed Hodge modules and applications Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Purity for graded potentials and quantum cluster positivity Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Characteristic classes of singular toric varieties Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Hirzebruch-Milnor classes of complete intersections Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Characteristic classes of Hilbert schemes of points via symmetric products Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Grothendieck groups and a categorification of additive invariants Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Motivic Bivariant Characteristic Classes Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Symmetric products of mixed Hodge modules Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Characteristic classes of symmetric products of complex quasi-projective varieties Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Equivariant characteristic classes of singular complex algebraic varieties Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Twisted genera of symmetric products Feb 11 2014 Schuermann
Algebraic independence of generalized Morita-Miller-Mumford classes Feb 12 2014 Ebert
A vanishing theorem for characteristic classes of odd-dimensional manifold bundles Feb 12 2014 Ebert
Stable cohomology of the universal Picard varieties and the extended mapping class group Feb 12 2014 Ebert
Torelli spaces of high-dimensional manifolds Feb 12 2014 Ebert
Generalised Miller-Morita-Mumford classes for block bundles and topological bundles Feb 12 2014 Ebert
The two definitions of the index difference Feb 12 2014 Ebert
Local P-shtukas and their relation to global G-shtukas Feb 12 2014 Hartl, Arasteh Rad
A criterion for good reduction of Drinfeld modules and Anderson motives in terms of local shtukas Feb 12 2014 Hartl, Huesken
Uniformizing The Moduli Stacks of Global G-Shtukas Feb 12 2014 Hartl, Arasteh Rad
The universal family of semi-stable p-adic Galois representations Feb 12 2014 Hartl
Harmonic Maps and Hypersymplectic Geometry Feb 20 2014 Roeser
An overtwisted disk in a virtual contact structure and the Weinstein conjecture Feb 18 2014 Bae
A spinorial energy functional: critical points and gradient flow Feb 15 2014 Witt
On complex and symplectic toric stacks Feb 15 2014 Witt
On tensor products of path algebras of type A Feb 27 2014 Hille
Tilting Bundles on Rational Surfaces and Quasi-Hereditary Algebras Feb 27 2014 Hille
On the complement of the dense orbit for a quiver of type A Feb 27 2014 Hille
On the complement of the Richardson orbit Feb 27 2014 Hille
Hochschild (Co-)Homology of Schemes with Tilting Object Feb 27 2014 Hille
A Local-to-Global Result for Topological Spherical Buildings Nov 05 2012 McCallum
A Consistency Proof for Some Restrictions of Tait's Reflection Principles Nov 06 2013 McCallum
Field embeddings which are conjugate under a p-adic classical group Dec 25 2013 B4 Skodlerack
On intertwining implies conjugacy for classical groups Sep 29 2013 B4 Skodlerack
An embedding theorem of E_0 with model theoretic applications Mar 05 2014 Miller, Kaplan
The Borel cardinality of Lascar strong types Mar 04 2014 Miller, Kaplan
Self-dual noncommutative \phi^4-theory in four dimensions is a non-perturbatively solvable and non-trivial quantum field theory Mar 31 2014 C4 Wulkenhaar
Construction of the \Phi^4_4-quantum field theory on noncommutative Moyal space Feb 05 2014 C4 Wulkenhaar
Solvable limits of a 4D noncommutative QFT Jun 12 2013 C4 Wulkenhaar
On proofs of the Farrell-Jones Conjecture Oct 03 2012 B5 Bartels
Toric orbifolds associated to Cartan matrices Mar 05 2014 Blume
On generalisations of Losev-Manin moduli spaces for classical root systems Mar 05 2014 Blume
The functor of toric varieties associated with Weyl chambers and Losev-Manin moduli spaces Mar 05 2014 Blume
Construction of G-Hilbert schemes Mar 05 2014 Blume
McKay correspondence over non algebraically closed fields Mar 05 2014 Blume
K- and L-theory of group rings over GL_n(Z) Apr 11 2012 B5 Bartels
Dualizability and index of subfactors Oct 25 2011 C4 Bartels
Conformal nets I: coordinate-free nets Feb 11 2013 C4 Bartels
Conformal nets III: fusion of defects Oct 30 2013 C4 Bartels
The total surgery obstruction revisited Sep 21 2011 B5 Mole
Equivariant Refinements Aug 20 2013 B5 Mole
Extending a metric on a simplicial complex Sep 04 2013 B5 Mole
Shrinking of toroidal decomposition spaces Mar 05 2014 Kasprowski
On the K-theory of groups with Finite Decomposition Complexity Mar 05 2014 Kasprowski
Universal twist in Equivariant K-theory for proper and discrete actions Mar 06 2014 Joachim, Barcenas Torres
Twisted Spin cobordism and positive scalar curvature Mar 06 2014 Joachim
Algebraic tensor products and internal homs of noncommutative L_p-spaces Mar 06 2014 Pavlov
Classifying crossed product C*-algebras Aug 01 2013 C1 Winter
Nuclear dimension and Z-stability Feb 01 2014 C2 Winter
The Rokhlin property vs. Rokhlin dimension 1 on unital Kirchberg algebras Dec 23 2013 C1 Winter, Barlak, Szabo
UHF slicing and classification of nuclear C*-algebras Jul 01 2013 C2 Winter
Ricci flows with bursts of unbounded curvature Mar 11 2014 Giesen
Surgery stable curvature conditions Mar 11 2014 Hoelzel
Symmetric operads in abstract symmetric spectra Oct 22 2014 A1, C4 Pavlov, Scholbach
Quasi-stochastic matrices and Markov renewal theory May 05 2014 C6 Alsmeyer
Multiplier Hopf algebroids arising from weak multiplier Hopf algebras Jun 23 2014 Timmermann
Regular multiplier Hopf algebroids II. Integration on and duality of algebraic quantum groupoids Jun 23 2014 Timmermann
Non-commutative T-duality Jun 25 2014 C3 Echterhoff, Schneider
Rieffel proper actions Sep 16 2014 C1 Echterhoff
Exotic crossed products and the Baum-Connes conjecture Sep 16 2014 C3 Echterhoff
On the stationary tail index of iterated random Lipschitz functions Sep 10 2014 C6 Alsmeyer
Partial compact quantum groups Oct 13 2014 Timmermann
A "q-Deformed" Generalization of the Hosszu-Gluskin Theorem Oct 14 2014 Duplij
Formulation of Singular Theories in a Partial Hamiltonian Formalism Using a New Bracket and Multi-Time Dynamics Oct 14 2014 Duplij
Admissibility and rectification of colored symmetric operads Oct 22 2014 A1 Pavlov, Scholbach
CDG decomposition of QCD in the constraintless Clairaut-type formalism Nov 21 2014 Duplij
Structure of unital 3-fields May 19 2015 Werner, Duplij
Equivariant characteristic classes of external and symmetric products of varieties Aug 19 2015 Schuermann
Branching within branching I: The extinction problem May 15 2015 C5 Alsmeyer
Branching within branching II: Limit theorems May 15 2015 C5 Alsmeyer
Renewal approximation for the absorption time of a decreasing Markov chain Sep 05 2015 C6 Alsmeyer
Chern classes and transversality for singular spaces Oct 12 2015 Schuermann
Motivic and derived motivic Hirzebruch classes Feb 23 2016 A8 Schuermann
Cohomology representations of external and symmetric products of varieties Feb 23 2016 A8 Schuermann
Symplectic Tate homology Apr 27 2016 B8 Albers
Bubbles and Onis Apr 27 2016 B8 Albers
Vanishing of Rabinowitz Floer homology on negative line bundles Apr 27 2016 B8 Albers, Kang
Local systems on the free loop space and finiteness of the Hofer-Zehner capacity Apr 27 2016 B8 Albers
Positive loops and L^infinity-contact systolic inequalities Apr 27 2016 B8 Albers, Fuchs
On reversible maps and symmetric periodic points Apr 27 2016 B8 Kang
Real holomorphic curves and invariant global surfaces of section Apr 27 2016 B8 Kang
On the minimal number of periodic orbits on some hypersurfaces in R^{2n} Apr 27 2016 B8 Kang
From a Reeb orbit trap to a Hamiltonian plug Apr 27 2016 B8 Roettgen
Trapped Reeb orbits do not imply periodic ones Apr 27 2016 B8 Roettgen
Infinitely many periodic orbits in non-exact oscillating magnetic fields on surfaces with genus at least two for almost every low energy level May 04 2016 B8 Benedetti
The Lusternik-Fet theorem for autonomous Tonelli Hamiltonian systems on twisted cotangent bundles May 04 2016 B8 Benedetti
On the existence of periodic orbits for magnetic systems on the two-sphere May 04 2016 B8 Benedetti
Magnetic Katok Examples on the two-sphere May 04 2016 B8 Benedetti
Periodic orbits in oscillating magnetic fields on the two-torus May 04 2016 B8 Benedetti
Lecture notes on closed orbits for twisted autonomous Tonelli Lagrangian flows May 04 2016 B8 Benedetti
Translated points on hypertight contact manifolds May 04 2016 B8 Meiwes
Spectral Hirzebruch-Milnor classes of singular hypersurfaces Jun 16 2016 A8 Schuermann
Model structure on projective systems of C*-algebras and bivariant homology theories Jul 20 2016 Joachim
Thom-Sebastiani theorem for multiplier ideals Nov 07 2016 Schuermann
Maximality of dual coactions on sectional C*-algebras of Fell bundles and applications Jul 01 2015 C1 Echterhoff
Exotic Crossed Products Oct 09 2015 C3 Echterhoff
Bivariant KK-Theory and the Baum-Connes conjecure Mar 31 2017 C3 Echterhoff
The orbit method for the Baum-Connes Conjecture for algebraic groups over local function fields Apr 27 2017 C3 Echterhoff
Fluctuation theory for Markov random walks Aug 30 2016 C5, C6 Alsmeyer, Buckmann
Stability of perpetuities in Markovian environment Oct 31 2016 C6 Alsmeyer, Buckmann
Thin tails of fixed points of the nonhomogeneous smoothing transform Oct 21 2015 C5 Alsmeyer
Functional limit theorems for the number of occupied boxes in the Bernoulli sieve Jan 17 2016 C5 Alsmeyer
Ladder epochs and ladder chain of a Markov random walk with discrete driving chain Nov 17 2015 C5 Alsmeyer
Null-recurrence and transience of random difference equations in the contractive case Dec 07 2016 C6 Alsmeyer
An arcsine law for Markov random walks Mar 01 2017 C5 Alsmeyer, Buckmann
A leader-election procedure using records Dec 15 2015 C5 Alsmeyer, Kabluchko
Leader election using random walks Jun 29 2016 C5 Alsmeyer, Kabluchko
Functional limit theorems for Galton-Watson processes with very active immigration May 10 2017 C5 Kabluchko
Convex hulls of random walks: Expected number of faces and face probabilities Feb 25 2017 C5 Kabluchko
A multidimensional analogue of the arcsine law for the number of positive terms in a random walk Dec 02 2016 C5 Kabluchko
General Edgeworth expansions with applications to profiles of random trees Sep 14 2016 C5 Kabluchko
Mode and Edgeworth expansion for the Ewens distribution and the Stirling numbers Sep 16 2016 C5 Kabluchko
Local universality for real roots of random trigonometric polynomials May 14 2016 C6 Kabluchko
Convex hulls of random walks, hyperplane arrangements, and Weyl chambers May 30 2017 C5 Kabluchko
Asymptotic expansions for profiles of branching random walks Jun 12 2016 C5 Kabluchko
A central limit theorem and a law of the iterated logarithm for the Biggins martingale of the supercritical branching random walk Jan 13 2016 C5 Kabluchko
Weak convergence of renewal shot noise processes in the case of slowly varying normalization Mar 13 2016 C5 Kabluchko
Fractionally integrated inverse stable subordinators Feb 24 2016 C5 Kabluchko
Renewal shot noise processes in the case of slowly varying tails May 09 2016 C5 Kabluchko
Expected number of real roots of random trigonometric polynomials Jan 08 2016 C6 Flasche
On duality of algebraic quantum groupoids Mar 17 2017 C1 Timmermann
Measured quantum transformation groupoids Oct 01 2016 C1 Timmermann
Integration on algebraic quantum groupoids Jan 29 2016 C1 Timmermann
Witt Vector Rings and the Relative de Rham Witt Complex Jun 23 2015 C3
C*-algebras associated with algebraic actions Dec 03 2015 Cuntz
The asymptotic volume of diagonal subpolytopes of symmetric stochastic matrices Jun 19 2017 C4 Wulkenhaar, de Jong
Semigroup C*-algebras and toric varieties Mar 21 2017 Cuntz
Group algebras acting on Lp-spaces Aug 24 2014 C2 Thiel, Gardella
Functoriality of group algebras acting on Lp-spaces Aug 24 2014 Thiel, Gardella
Tensor products and regularity properties of Cuntz semigroups Oct 02 2014 Thiel
Quotients of Banach algebras acting on Lp-spaces Dec 12 2014 Thiel, Gardella
Preduals and complementation of spaces of bounded linear operators Sep 17 2016 Thiel, Gardella
Representations of p-convolution algebras on Lq-spaces Sep 27 2016 Thiel, Gardella
Abstract bivariant Cuntz semigroups Feb 06 2017 Thiel
Extending representations of Banach algebras to their biduals Mar 02 2017 Thiel, Gardella
Preduals for spaces of operators involving Hilbert spaces and trace-class operators Mar 03 2017 Thiel
Acylindrical Actions on Trees and the Farrell--Jones Conjecture Apr 19 2017 B5 Knopf
Amenability of coarse spaces and K-algebras Jul 01 2016 Li
Amenability and uniform Roe algebras Jun 15 2017 Li
The orbit method for the Baum-Connes Conjecture for algebraic groups over local function fields Apr 27 2017 Li
Classification of Uniform Roe algebras of locally finite groups May 10 2017 Li
Low dimensional properties of uniform Roe algebras May 03 2017 Li
Wavelets and spectral triples for higher-rank graphs Jul 05 2017 Gillaspy
The equivariant Cuntz semigroup Jun 24 2015 Gardella
Equivariant logic and applications to C*-dynamics Aug 19 2016 Gardella
Cocycle superrigidity and group actions on stably finite C*-algebras Dec 24 2016 Gardella
Rokhlin dimension for compact quantum group actions Mar 31 2017 Gardella
Smooth representations and Hecke modules in characteristic p May 06 2015 A2 Schneider
Coates-Wiles homomorphisms and Iwasawa cohomology for Lubin-Tate extensions Dec 01 2016 A2 Schneider
Galois representations and (phi,Gamma)-modules May 01 2017 A2 Schneider
Rigid character groups, Lubin-Tate theory, and (phi,Gamma)-modules Oct 01 2015 A2 Schneider
A canonical torsion theory for pro-p Iwahori-Hecke modules Nov 13 2015 A2 Schneider
Banach space actions and L2-spectral gap May 09 2017 C1 de Laat
Superexpanders from group actions on compact manifolds Jul 05 2017 C3 de Laat
The Fourier algebra of a rigid C*-tensor category Jul 06 2017 C1 de Laat
Ideal structure and pure infiniteness of ample groupoid C*-algebras Jul 12 2017 Boenicke, Li
Non-extensive condensation in reinforced branching processes Jan 29 2016 C5 Dereich
Real self-similar processes started from the origin Jan 04 2015 C5 Dereich
Preferential attachment with fitness: unfolding the condensate Feb 03 2016 C5 Dereich
Distances in scale free networks at criticality May 04 2017 C5 Dereich
Random interlacements via Kuznetsov measures Jan 04 2015 C5 Dereich
On the nuclear dimension of certain UCT-Kirchberg algebras May 26 2014 Enders
A characterization of semiprojectivity for subhomogeneous C*-algebras Aug 12 2014 Enders
Subalgebras of finite codimension in semiprojective C*-algebras May 12 2014 Enders
The Rokhlin property vs Rokhlin dimension 1 on unital Kirchberg algebras Dec 21 2013 Enders, Winter, Barlak, Szabo
Optimal curvature estimates for homogeneous Ricci flows Jun 01 2016 B2 Böhm
Immortal homogeneous Ricci flows Jul 20 2017 B2 Böhm
Real geometric invariant theory Jul 20 2017 B2 Böhm
The Ricci flow on solvmanifolds of real type Jul 13 2017 B2 Böhm
The Ricci flow under almost non-negative curvature conditions Jul 25 2017 B2 Wilking
Ricci flow on singular manifolds Mar 23 2016 B2 Vertman
Long-time existence of the edge Yamabe flow May 12 2016 B2 Vertman
Shadows of characteristic cycles, Verma modules, and positivity of Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson classes of Schubert cells Oct 10 2017 Schuermann
Conformal nets IV: The 3-category Feb 18 2017 B5 Bartels
Conformal nets II: conformal blocks Jan 19 2017 B5 Bartels
Coarse flow spaces for relatively hyperbolic groups Sep 22 2016 B5 Bartels
The Farrell-Jones Conjecture for mapping class groups Jun 09 2016 B5 Bartels
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