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Local P-shtukas and their relation to global G-shtukas

Urs Hartl, Esmail Arasteh Rad,
published 2014-02-12

This is the first in a sequence of two articles investigating moduli stacks of global G-shtukas, which are function field analogs for Shimura varieties. Here G is a parahoric Bruhat-Tits group scheme over a smooth projective curve, and global G-shtukas are generalizations of Drinfeld shtukas and analogs of abelian varieties with additional structure. Our moduli stacks generalize various moduli spaces used by different authors to prove instances of the Langlands program over function fields. In the present article we explain the relation between global G-shtukas and local P-shtukas, which are the function field analogs of p-divisible groups with additional structure. We prove the analog of a theorem of Serre and Tate stating the equivalence between the deformations of a global G-shtuka and its associated local P-shtukas. We also investigate local P-shtukas alone and explain their relation with Galois representations through their Tate modules. And we prove the existence of Rapoport-Zink spaces for local P-shtukas as formal schemes locally formally of finite type. In the sequel to this article we use the Rapoport-Zink spaces to uniformize the moduli stacks of global G-shtukas.

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