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The Workgroup Prof. Alsmeyer

Gerold Alsmeyer Prof. Dr. Gerold Alsmeyer  
Room: 130.007, Orlons-Ring 10
Tel.: 0049-(0)251/83-33783
Office hour: by appointment


WS 2015/16 Markov-Chains MSc Seminar Stochastic Processes
SS 2015 Stochastic Recurrence Equations
WS 2014/15 Probability Theory II
former semesters Courses in former semesters

Lecture Notes:

Galton-Watson-Processes (german) Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3
Renewal theory Renewal theory

Group Members

Fabian Buckmann M.Sc. Fabian Buckmann  
Room: 130.004, Orlans-Ring 10
Phone: 0251/83-33778

Research areas:
Markov-Random Walks
Alexander Marynych Dr. Alexander Marynych  
Room: 130.029, Orlans-Ring 10
Phone: 0251/83-32750

Humboldt-Stipendiary (Kiev)

Former Group Members

Matti Schneider
Dr. Matthias Meiners Dr. Sebastian Mentemeier Dr. Andrea Winkler Dr. Sören Gröttrup
(TU Darmstadt)
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Master Students

Frank Röttger
Fabian Schlüter


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