Hyper-Kähler Manifolds and Related Structures in Algebraic and Differential Geometry

CIRM, Levico Terme (Trento), 3-6 November 2015

workshop organised by Jarosław Buczyński (Warszawa), Uwe Semmelmann (Stuttgart), Jarosław Wiśniewski (Warszawa) and Frederik Witt (Stuttgart)

Metrics of special holonomy are of central interest both in Riemannian and algebraic geometry. The purpose of the proposed workshop is to bring together experts from both sides and to introduce young researchers at PhD/beginning PostDoc level to this circle of ideas. Some of the central topics are There will be introductory lecture of 90 minutes followed research talks of 50 minutes each. If you wish to participate, please contact Augusto Micheletti (CIRM) micheletti@fbk.eu.