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Free Probability and Operator Algebras

September 02--06, 2013 


organizers:  Nicolai Stammeier (University of Mnster) & Moritz Weber (Saarland University)
supported by SFB 878 - Groups, Geometry and Actions

Since its very first steps in the mid 80's due to Dan V. Voiculescu, free probability has grown up quite a bit and provided numerous insights to several aspects of related theories and difficult long-standing problems. In fact, it has become a remarkable fusion of the theories of operator algebras and probability. Bringing together profound techniques from pure mathematics and a whole world full of stochastic phenomena such as the behaviour of stochastic processes, the encoding of information on a process within its generating function or the notion of entropy. For more information on rather recent developments, feel free to consult the Banff workshop report from 2004 or 2008.
    We are really pleased to announce that there will be an opening lecture for this masterclass by Dan-V. Voiculescu, who will speak on the early days of this field and its possible future directions. The masterclass will then consist of five minicourses
(4 x 45 min each) and two exercise sessions:

Introduction and Combinatorics Roland Speicher
Elements of Free Transportation Theory Dimitri Shlyakhtenko
Free Group Factors Ken Dykema
Free Convolution Hari Bercovici
Easy Quantum Groups Moritz Weber
    Please explore the schedule to find out more about the order of events within the masterclass. The purpose of this masterclass is to introduce especially young mathematicians, e.g. PhD-students, postdocs, but also undergraduate students having some background in operator algebras to the basic concepts of free probability with a view towards operator algebras. For more details on the contents, please consult the programme.
    Apart from broadening one's knowledge, we hope that this masterclass will enable as well as encourage the participants to work in the field of free probability and therefore strengthen this marvellous connection between pure and applied mathematics.  
If you are interested in participating, we kindly ask you to copy the following registration form into an email,
fill in the demanded information and send it to Elke Ernsting until Juli 14, 2013.

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