NCGban II, January 2016

Banach Methods in Noncommutative Geometry II

Toen Hall Münster

Winter School on
Isomorphism Conjectures and Geometry of Groups

supported by the SFB 878 Groups, Geometry and Actions and the ANR Project SingStar

Münster, January 25 - 29, 2016
Schedule (as of 2016/01/25)

The school is aimed at Ph.D. students and postdocs as well as M.Sc. students continuing in academia. We focus on the connection between Banach/operator space methods as approximation properties and geometric properties of groups and their connection to problems as the Baum-Connes and Farrell-Jones conjecture. We welcome young researchers in these and neighbouring areas to participate.

We like to think of this winter school as standing in the tradition of the conference on Banach methods in Noncommutative Geometry at Wuhan University, China, 2014.

Lectures are given by Siegfried Echterhoff (Münster), Erik Guentner (Hawaii), Michael Puschnigg (Aix-Marseille), Mikael de la Salle (ENS Lyon), Guoliang Yu (Texas A&M). There will also be the possibility of giving short talks for some of the participants. To register and for information on funding, please click on "Registration".

Organizers: Martijn Caspers, Maria-Paula Gomez, Pierre-Yves Le Gall, Walther Paravicini