Sonderforschungsbereich Geometrische Strukturen in der Mathematik

p-adic differential equations

Münster, February 15-20, 2005

Organizers:F. Baldassarri (Padova)
G. Christol (Paris)
Peter Schneider (Münster)

List of participants:

Andre, Andreatta, Baldassarri, Berger, Berkovich, Brinon, Chiarellotto, Crew, Ducros, Garcia Lopez, Kedlaya, Manjra, Matsuda, Narvaez Macarro, Naumovic, Paskunas, Pulita, Ramero, Temkin, Tsuzuki

The lectures start in the morning of Tuesday, February 15. The workshop will end on Saturday, February 19 in the afternoon.
A schedule can be found here .

Registration (for invited participants only): here is an online registration form .

How to reach us: some information how to get to the Mathematical Institute of the University of Münster.

City map of Münster

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Ina Folker - Dezember 21, 2004.