Sonderforschungsbereich Geometrische Strukturen in der Mathematik

Noncommutative Algebras

Münster, February 2 - February 6, 2006

Organizers:Joachim Cuntz (Münster)
Markus Reineke (Münster)
Peter Schneider (Münster)

Scope: The three organizers represent areas, which are noncommutative geometry, algebraic geometry and representation theory, and number theory, for which noncommutative algebras play an increasingly fundamental role. In the first subject this is so almost by definition whereas in the last subject this is a very recent surprising development. With an eye towards these connections the workshop will be devoted to a variety of modern techniques in the area of noncommutative algebras.

Preliminary list of invited speakers:
Ardakov, Baum, Berest, Cortinas, Goodearl, Jorgensen, Kapranov, Keller, Schofield, Skoda, Stafford, Stuhler, Thom, Tsygan, van den Berg, van de Weyer, Yekutieli

The lectures start on Thursday, February 2, at 2 p.m. The workshop will end on Monday, February 6, at 6 p.m.
A schedule can be found here.

Registration (for invited participants only): here is an online registration form .

How to reach us: some information how to get to the Mathematical Institute of the University of Münster.

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Ina Reckermann - Jan. 3, 2006.