Torsten Schoeneberg: p-adische Galoisdarstellungen und (φ, Γ)-Moduln, 2009
This paper contains a complete and detailed proof of Fontaine's theorem that the category
of p-adic Galois representations is equivalent to the category of etale (φ, Γ)-modules.

Marten Bornmann: Ganzzahlige affine Hecke Algebren, 2009
This paper gives a detailed exposition of the Bernstein/Lusztig description of affine Hecke algebras
as well as of Vigneras' integral version.

Marius Kley: Perfekte (φ, Γ)-Moduln, 2016
This paper gives a complete and detailed treatment of the relation between the imperfect and
the perfect version of the theory of (φ,Γ)-modules.