Bernhard Burgstaller



Windows & C64

Cross Assembler and Virtual Floppy Drive C64Connect

C64Connect is a tool by me which runs under Windows. (Updated April-01-2007)

Manual for C64Connect

Source-Code for C64Connect/PC-Connect - (source code for Visual C++ 6.0) - One may modify or use parts of the source code, but one should state in ones version or programm that one has modified or used parts (also stating which parts) of C64Connect/PCConnect. One should apply all standard ethic rules for open source.

To emulate C64 programs you may use the great C64 emmulator CCS64 by Per Hakan Sundell.

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Cross Assembler MOS 6502 (C64 TruboAss+ compatible)

I have encapsulated the cross assembler of C64Connect here:    bass.exe    Here is the sourcecode (VisualC++ 2010 Express)


Commodore C64

Game Cydonia

Cydonia is a unfinished game by me for the C64 written in 1989-1992. Cydonia is a jump and run game and is inspired by Great Giana Sisters for C64 (which in fact imitates Super Mario Bros). The game was significantly technically modified several times. You can download different versions of the game divided into three categories corresponding to different stages of development of Cydonia.

C64 Sounds

Here you find sounds and soundmonitors I programmed for the C64.

Texteditor Cadvec

Cadvec is a text editor with similarity to the editor of Turbo Ass. In the editor you save (or load) with the key sequence "leftarrow" and "S" (or "L"). Turn Insert Mode on and off via "Shift"+"Ins Del".

It was my intention to use Cadvec as an editor for "programming" the advesaries (in a special mini language) of the game Cydonia (version Cydonia 92). But I did not go so far since soon afterwards I gave up the development of Cydiona for good.


Commodore C16

Game Pac 16

PAC16 is a pacman variant for the Commodore C16. I programmed the game in Summer 1987 (with the C16 implemented monitor programm). The game must be started with SYS11420. During the game use the cursor keys and "Return" in the menu and the keys "A Y , ." and "Shift" (german keyboard) when playing.

Examples of downloadable C16 emulators are YAPE (modern) and WinEMU (older).


Here I am intending to insert some Amiga assembler files and source codes..