Oberseminar Topologie (Sommersemester 2001 & Wintersemester 2001/2002)

Trace maps

The seminar on trace maps, which started in April 2001, ended after twenty-two lectures in January 2002.

Our goal is to understand a proof of a result of Bökstedt, Hsiang and Madsen about the assembly map in algebraic K-theory. The proof requires the construction of the so called topological cyclic homology and the cyclotomic trace, which is also of independent interest. More details on the subject are available here.

The seminar takes place every Monday from 15:00 (s.t.) to 17:00 (with the traditional tea/coffee break from 16:00 to 16:30) in SR5. [Schedule]

Based on positive experiences during the A¹-homotopy seminar, there is a weekly one-hour workshop, to discuss informally further topics and background information related to the subject. It takes place Tuesday from 11:00 (s.t.) to 12:00 in SFB (room 205).

If you have any further question or if you want to join the mailing list for the seminar please do not hesitate to contact us.

Holger Reich reichh@math.uni-muenster.de
Marco Varisco varisco@uni-muenster.de

Marco Varisco - January 22, 2002.